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june edition

Some snippets from the latest magazine.

The fourth Sunday of the month is normally a Family Service. As we walked up the Church path, we all had a surprise. There were three sheep in a pen by the entrance to the Church Porch. There was also the Shepherd (Grant ) sitting in a chair and his dog !

Most people stopped on the way in to chat and make a fuss of the lambs and the dog.

We started our service with the hymn ‘Loving Shepherd of Thy sheep’. This was followed by prayers and then ‘Homework’ ! The Homework for this Sunday was ‘Something to do with looking after sheep’.  We had toy sheep and puppets, pictures, jars of mint sauce and knitwear and balls of wool.

A lamb was brought into the Church and we were asked what breed was it ?  

2020  Rota of Services COVID STYLE

First Sunday -   Morning Service

Second Sunday  - Family Service

Third Sunday -  Holy Communion

Forth Sunday  - Family Service


Fifth Sunday - Morning Prayer

In Magdalen Church

Tea, Coffee and a Mardle

all ages welcome


Every first and third Wednesday:

the next ones being:


Wanted  -  Please Can YOU Help !

Are you bored and time on your hands. Perhaps you could help do something at Wiggenhall St Magdalene Church !


There are four doors onto the roof of the Church which need a coat of wood stain !

If you think you could help us with either of these jobs, we would be very grateful.

We will supply the brushes and paint etc.

For more information please contact either of the Churchwardens Alan Sherfield 01553 810796

Email -

or Mrs Chris Hale  01553 810385

email  -

Sunday, 16th May, at about 3.30pm, it was a warm, if cloudy afternoon, as we wandered back towards The Cock, from our daily  walk (daily only if the weather is good – Hugo does NOT do rain or strong wind!) along the riverbank.  Coming the other way were a group of 6 young people, who all hopped up onto the wall, to keep well socially distanced.  I thanked them and thought no more of it.

A little later in the afternoon, the rain hammered down in here in Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen, and the same group of 6 young people, took shelter in our church porch. The rain, did not stop, and they remained sitting around, obviously waiting for a break in the weather to continue their journey.  To my surprise, a little while later, a car drew up outside my cottage and pizza delivery man got out and delivered several boxes of pizza to them. They proceeded to sit quietly in the porch eating their 'picnic'.

At about 6pm, the rain had abated a little, so I went over to lock up. Our young friends were still there eating their food, they greeted me when I walked through the middle of them, and passed pleasantries and were extremely polite.  I asked them if when they’d finished they would close the gate as they left, and they said they would do so.  They left a little while later.

You would not know there had been anyone in there, the gate was closed, they left no mess whatsoever and they had placed their rubbish in the dustbins by the gate.

The point of this story - so often you hear reports of anti-social/unacceptable behaviour from the young, but yesterday, these youngsters showed that we should not 'tar all with the same brush'. I don't know who they were, whether or not they were local, but I do know that if I were their parents I would be very proud of them.

Wanted or not legal tender !     

         £5.00 and £10.00  and £1.00


If you have any old five or ten-pound notes or £1.00 coins and have forgotten to spend them, then there is a way of spending them.


We will be very pleased to take your old £10.00 and £5.00 notes or £1.00 coins at any Church events. Or they can also be used for your Sunday collection.


We recently received 3 old £10.00 notes and they were taken to the bank to be paid in, and it turns out that they were £10.00 notes previous to the ones recently discontinued.

  The more we receive the better !!

Hold our hands, Lord, show us the way
Help us to be grateful for every day
Show us the difference between right and wrong
Keep us safe, all day and night long
Give us direction on what to do,
lead the way, Lord, We trust in you.  Amen