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Copies of the Church Magazine are available at the back of the church or in the Village Hall. 

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july edition                         

Some snippets from the latest magazine.

First Sunday of the Month is a Family Service and was the Queens Platinum Family Service

On Sunday 5Th June our Church Family attended a service to celebrate The Queens Platinum Jubilee and Pentecost.  The service was taken by Jo Chilvers and our organist John Everington.

John led us through 5 hymns, all equally patriotic and rousing.  These included I vow to Thee my Country, Jerusalem, Guide me, O thou great redeemer and of course finishing with our National Anthem.  It was wonderful to hear everyone singing on this very special occasion.

Alan completed his usual rounds for homework.  A number of precious items were shown.  Aaron had a chocolate tin from the Queens coronation, Russell and Francesca showed everyone some beautiful animal carvings from Kenya, which is in the commonwealth and home to one of the Queens favourite hotels, Treetops.  Peter Gagen kindly shared the anniversary card that he and Marjorie received from The Queen to celebrate their wedding anniversary.   We also saw a selection of money, stamps and books.

Chris, Alan and Jo provided us with a sketch about Simon Peter and the new group he was going to form.  Alan playing the part of a Simon Peter who had been arrested for drunk and disorderly, all Holy Communion wine was checked and found in order!

After the service Alan and Jo along with John led people in a sing song to allow Chris and her self volunteered team to uncover and put out the food for our celebration picnic. More people from the village came to join in with our picnic celebrations.  Our outside celebration became a picnic in the pews.  A big thank you to Chris and Alan who quickly set up tables inside to accommodate our ever changing British weather!  At this point I think a special mention should also be given out to Tilly, Imogen and Alex for kindly taste testing some of the food to make sure it was “safe” for everyone else. 

The bring and share picnic was a huge success.  We had three tables of tasty food, one and half of the tables were covered in a large selection of sandwiches.  We could have fed the 5000 without needing any fish! We had the chance to enjoy pasta salads, sausage rolls, crisps, cocktail sausages, pork pies and quiches. Then of course we had the delights of the dessert table, fresh strawberries and cream, homemade cakes, trifles, cheesecakes and gateaux.

After filling up on all the food, the games tent was declared open. A lot of laughter and fun was had.  With a good mix of skittles, roll the ball, giant jenga and a game of toss the pine cone into the circle. Competitions developed between friends and family. Scores were kept and new skills embraced.  I still personally think that Jo and I should have earned extra points for getting the pine cones into the plastic cones!

It was a very successful day and I believe that everyone had a great time.  It was a real opportunity for everyone to mingle, chat and catch up. A big thank you goes to everyone who helped, cooked, made and cleared away.  Another great church family team effort.  Here’s to the next one!!!!!!!!!!!

2022  Rota of Services FROM 1ST MAY

First Sunday -   Family Service

Second Sunday  Morning Service

Third Sunday - Family Service with Holy Communion

Fourth Sunday  - Morning Service


Fifth Sunday - Morning Service

                        Evening Service 5pm

In Magdalen Church

Tea, Coffee and a Mardle

all ages welcome


Every first and third Tuesday:

the next ones being:

5th & 19th June

Wanted  -  Please Can YOU Help !

Are you bored and time on your hands. Perhaps you could help do something at Wiggenhall St Magdalene Church !


There are four doors onto the roof of the Church which need a coat of wood stain !

If you think you could help us with either of these jobs, we would be very grateful.

We will supply the brushes and paint etc.

For more information please contact either of the Churchwardens Alan Sherfield 01553 810796

Email -

or Mrs Chris Hale  01553 810385

email  -

Wanted for the Charter Fayre can you help please !.

Plants for the Plant Stall, bring on the morning of the day.


Items for the 0’s and 5’s to Linda Painter please.

Raffle Prizes to Chris Hale please.


Cakes for the Cake Stall and also to have with your coffee, please let Alan know what you can supply thank you.

Wanted or not legal tender !     

         £5.00 and £10.00  and £1.00


If you have any old five or ten-pound notes or £1.00 coins and have forgotten to spend them, then there is a way of spending them.


We will be very pleased to take your old £10.00 and £5.00 notes or £1.00 coins at any Church events. Or they can also be used for your Sunday collection.


We recently received 3 old £10.00 notes and they were taken to the bank to be paid in, and it turns out that they were £10.00 notes previous to the ones recently discontinued.

  The more we receive the better !!

An email received from the Archdeacon after the Sunday Service

 Just a quick note to thank you for the memorable service on Sunday. I was so pleased to be with you for my last official Sunday service.   

Thank you for the happy memories of ministry together and the lovely mementos of those recent services. Every time I see them, I smile, and my heart is warmed.

 I was trying to think what each one meant (always a test with an illustration- it sticks but the message behind it doesn’t!).

 Flap the fish- living as a disciple is hard work unless the Holy Spirit gives us wind in our sails.

Racing penguins- easy to get discouraged and give up. I guess the same could be said of the pancake races!

Wearing something colourful is a wonderful example of being generous and visible people of Jesus Christ.

 As to the triangle, I will try and hone my skills with my 5 year old granddaughter….

I realise each gift was costly in so many ways- the expenditure (Boomf cards aren’t cheap I’m sure), the time it took to think through everything and then source them.

Most costly of all is the wonderful needlework. What a fantastic picture that captures the church so beautifully. It is highly skilled and so precious- thank you. Currently it is in pride of place in my study- one of the only rooms that is sorted out.